J Bryan Studios
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Bald Eagle, Graphite,  10.25x14"


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U.S. Civil War

General Robert E. Lee, graphite, 8 x11"

Stonewall Jackson ( in process), private collection, oil on canvas, 9x 12"

Gen. Philip E. Sheridan, graphite, 8 x11"

Col. Joshua L. Chamberlin, graphite, 8x 11"

Gen. A.P. Hill, graphite, 8x 11"

GA  Volunteer, Acrylic study on Board, 16 x 20"

Antietam, before the west wood, Sept. 1862, Acrylic study on Board, 16 x 20"

All civil war art is regimentally researched; the artist strives for historical accuracy and having the viewer as part of the action. If you fit the part, your portrait can be placed in any uniform and setting of the conflict, or you may prefer to have an ancestor's portrait "brought to life". All portraits are intended to honor these past American heroes of the Blue & the Gray.The 4 year conflict offers unlimited possibilities for dramatic, but true, recreations. Many persons had their portrait added to Antietam, Enfillading fire found on price list page.