J Bryan Studios
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Bald Eagle, Graphite,  10.25x14"


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Aircraft 2

SBDs over IJN Kaga at Midway, Keep your eye on the meatball, Oil on canvas, 21.5 x 24.5"

A-6 Invader rains iron over Vietnam, graphite, 8x10"

Alone against the Luftwaffe; return from Hamm, March 4, 1943, Graphite, 9.5 x11..25"

A-10 Hawgs of War- Kuwait, 23rd TFW, Feb. 25, 1991,Oil on Canvas, 24x 32"

Avenging Pearl Harbor on Bougainville, Lt. Rex T. Barber & Miss Virginia, April 18, 1943, Oil on Canvas, 18x 24" 

F-16 falcon in the nest, graphite, 8x10.5"

F-16 Falcon on the prowl