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Bald Eagle, Graphite,  10.25x14"


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West with the Night, Beryl Markham becomes the first person to fly solo, crossing the Atlantic Ocean,  from Europe to the West. Acrylic on board, 12x16"

F-14 Tomcats & E2-C Hawkeye over the Pacific, graphite, 9x12"

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker Splitting the Attack, Acrylic on Canvas,12x16"

standard carrier operations, 1990's; graphite, 11.75x 13.75"

Lt. (jg) Ira Kepford, Doubleheader for the Jolly Roger, Acrylic on Canvas, 16x 20"

Gives as good as he gets,CMOH Michael Estocin, 04/26/1967 Haiphong, graphite, 9x 12"

  Target Fixation- one will get you two, First All-Jet Ace, Maj. James Jabara, 334th Fighter squadron,Oil on canvas, 18x 24"

Zero @ zero altitude, graphite, 9x12"

Both barrels! Gentile & Godfrey over Germany, graphite, 18x24"

Ding Hao!, Maj. James Howard of the 356th Fighter Squadron earns the Medal of Honor as he alone protects bombers of 401st Bomb Group, Jan.11, 1944, Acrylic on Panel, 12x16"