J Bryan Studios
Jefferson, Georgia ♦ (706)410-5146

Bald Eagle, Graphite,  10.25x14"


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Fine Art & Portraits  Multimedia Artist Stained Glass Windows

J Bryan Studios is the home of multimedia studio artist James Bryan. Backed by a lifetime of experience, he creates fine art that explores our very existence on this planet in regards to what we think and feel. He also has artwork that accurately recreates a moment in history using oils, acrylic, and watercolors. This leads him to paint diverse subjects, including landscapes, aviation scenes, military scenes, sports figures, and portraits.

All art work shown on this website is for sale and represents original work by the artist. All of these are examples, so the viewer can gain a good feel for the artist style of work and the quality achieved when ordering an original commissioned piece. All prices are negotiable.

Prints can be ordered unless the picture states the work is in a private collection.

Commissioned Portraits
James Bryan accepts commissioned works for portraits and can work from photographs or live subjects. He never tries to just recreate a photograph, but to bring it to life.
 Historical Recreations
Whether you want to be in the middle of a landscape or the middle of the action, we make it so that you are not a casual observer of the art but an active participant. Your commissioned portrait can also include all types of animals including endangered species.
Stained Glass
Using copper foil and lead techniques, James Bryan creates small and detailed stained glass renderings for private residences and commercial environments. He buys pre-made glass and can use handmade etching techniques to add to the visual aesthetic of the piece of stained glass.

Contact James Bryan to order from his collection of fine art.
All artwork is the original property of James Bryan & jbryanstudios. Any reproduction without the expressed written permission of the artist is strictly forbidden.