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Bald Eagle, Graphite,  10.25x14"


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 Multimedia Artist

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Please enjoy this collection of fine art paintings, drawings and stained glass from multimedia artist James Bryan in Jefferson, Georgia. J Bryan Studios is the exclusive production studio of a talented and dedicated multimedia artist. James Bryan was creating and selling art as young as 18, and in the 41 years since has developed his skills as an artist.
About the Artist
With a passion for different types of artwork, James Bryan brings his unique perspective to the world with fine art and stained glass. Following this passion from birth, James Bryan started teaching and established his own studio in order to create both inspired and commissioned artwork.
Contact James Bryan to order from his collection of fine art or discuss a portrait commission. The artworks shown on this website, are a small number of the completed works by James. Please check the Galleries for numerous examples.

     Albert Einstein

   16x20",color pencil


Call James Bryan directly for information
about commissioning a work of fine art.


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Studio Hours: 7AM- 8PM, 7 days a week

USS Belknap at Linguyen Gulf Jan. 1945

USS belknap at Linguayen Gulf, before the Kamikazee Jan. 1945